Winnie's Birth Story

We had a lovely Christmas with our families -- we ate too much, had a few too many glasses of wine, got to watch and experience the magic through toddler's eyes, and gave and received so many great gifts. Typically, in our family, no one can beat my sister Mandy's gift giving skills. She puts so much thought and always seems to have the perfect gifts for everyone.

She gave birth to her beautiful little Winnie in July, and because she's my sister and my business took off, her photos had to be put on the back burner. But once November came around -- I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to win Christmas this year! Her long awaited images were made in to a beautiful book -- which I have no doubt, will be cherished until the end of time. 

Winnie girl was due on July 9th, and to be perfectly punctual, my sister called me that morning to say things were getting real over there. So I grabbed my camera and hopped in the car. Her contractions were coming hard and fast, but in between she had time to make jokes and still be the best momma to our little Liam.


The labor was progressing and her doctor told her to head to the hospital. She had a few tough contractions that stopped her dead in her tracks, and in those moments it was tough for me to decide whether to be a sister or her photographer. I think at one point I had one hand on her shoulder and the other one on the shutter. Her body was working so hard in preparation for Winnie's arrival and she often winced in pain, but the only thing that brought on the tears was when it was time to say goodbye to her first baby, that sweet boy who made her a mother. 


We arrived at St. Joe's Hospital and the staff made me wait in the waiting room for a bit (pure torture as both a photographer and sister.) Once I was allowed back, the mood was intense; the anesthesiologist was busy, but she got through the pain of each contraction with  determination and grace.


After awhile she was able to get some relief. And she was finally able to take care of some important business, like letting her Snapchat followers know she was in labor. We turned on Lumineers radio, broke out our family's favorite snack (doritos, of course) and waited for her body to do its magic.

It wasn't long before she reached that magical number and she was ready to bring her babe earthside. It will never become old, watching this miracle of life. Everytime I experience it, I am in awe over the entire process, and especially of a woman's strength. 



A beautiful, healthy baby girl. 8 pounds, 3 ounces and 20 inches of love. Six months later, she's still this lovable, squishy babe (except MUCH bigger, girl likes to eat) and the perfect addition to our family. 

Like I said, I totally won Christmas this year, right? There was nothing she could get me that would beat these heirlooms... and then I opened an Instant Pot. Maybe next year.